Amalia Liakou studied philosophy, psychology and photography in Greece and Paris. She completed her doctoral thesis in Paris with a scholarship from the Miheli Foundation of Aesthetics. Her thesis topic concerns the Aesthetics of the Surrealist Imaginary and Photography, her publications can be found in collective works in France and in the Greek press. Her meeting with the poet Nanos Valaoritis in 2011 in Athens was decisive for her artistic path, and Valaoritis was the first to write about his photographic work. Amalia held her first solo photography exhibition in 2015 in Athens. She is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, her photographic works are part of public and private collections. Today she works in Greece as a freelance photographer and art theorist. 




PHD in aesthetics, science and technology of the Arts, Specialization: Visual ArtsPhotography, University of Paris 8- Vincennes-Saint Denis . Department of Philosophy, Aesthetics and Arts. Among the members of the Support Committee, the Greek visual artist Mrs Lizzie Calligas.

MASTER in the History of Philosophy, with basic lessons the Philosophy of Art. Department of Philosophy and Pedagogy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

ERASMUS (Master) in the Philosophy of Art (the spring semester), University Paris IPanthéon-Sorbonne, France.

UNIVERSITY DEGREE (4 years) in Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology- Psychology. University of Ioannina, Greece.

Studies Focus School of Photography and video, Athens, 2021-2022

Seminars of Black and white photography, Paris




EPIPHANIES, Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa- Museum of G.I. Katsigras. With the general title “Epiphanies” were presented the photographic series: Still Life: The Mystery of Things, Portraits of Nanos Valaoritis, When it was raining diamonds, Sonata of a Parisian Autumn.


EPIPHANIES, Art Gallery Peritechnon Karteris, Αthens.




Art Festival, Larissa, Geni Tzami


LΟCUS ANIMAE, Cinéma des cinéastes, Paris, France. Participation to the group exhibition La localisation contemporaine of the University Paris 8.

2010 LOCUS ANIMAE, Brasil. Participation to the group exhibition La localisation contemporaine of the University Paris 8 and the School of Fine Arts of Bahia.



Public collections: Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa- Museum of G.I. Katsigras,

and in private collections.



 Municipal Radio of Larissa, interview for the exhibition “Epiphanies” with the journalist Mrs. Konstantina Karydaki, April 2018.

 Newspaper “Eleftheria” Larisas, interview for the exhibition “Epiphanies” and the evening in honor of the poet Nanos Valaoritis at the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa, May 2018.




 Exhibition catalogue of the Municipal Gallery of Larissa-Katsigras Museum, 2018.

 Exhibition catalogue from the exhibition in the Art Gallery of Periarts, 2015.

II TEXTS Text by poet Nanos Valaoritis.



Scholarship from the Greek Institute of Aesthetics Panagiotis and Efi Michelis for the PhD research, University Paris 8, France.

ERASMUS Scholarship master program of philosophy of art, Sorbonne, Paris.

AUTH Scholarship for French language and culture program, Strasbourg, France.



 The Aesthetics of the surrealist imaginary and the greek photography since 1930. Paradox, Thanatos, Eros. Phd, University Paris VIII-Vincennes-Saint-Denis,2013. (L’esthétique de l’imaginaire surréaliste & la photographie grecque depuis 1930. Paradoxe, thanatos, éros).

" Antinomie de la photographie du corps politique. Natureza Morta. Visages d'une dictature de Susana de Sousa Dias”, (Antinomy of political body photography. Still Life. Persons of a dictatorship of Susana de Sousa Dias)», In the collective book Le Pouvoir et les Images, Photographie et Corps Politique (The Power and the Images. Photography and Political body) ed. Klincksieck, Paris, Novembre 2011. Natureza Morta. Visages d'une dictature is a film of cinema of the real. It is a reflection on the film and the picture.

“The real and the trauma pictures in modern photography" in the collective book Photographie et Contemporain, (Photography and contemporary) ed. Harmattan, 2009.

"Image contre image" (Image vs. image) In the collective book Photographie, Medias et Capitalism ( Photography, Media and Capitalism), ed. Harmattan, 2009.

«Μanuel Alvarez Bravo» (For the work and aesthetics of the Mexican photographer on the occasion of his exhibition in Jeu de Paume, Paris), The Greek Art Newspaper, 2012.



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