When it was Raining Diamonds

Color photographs, Archival inkjet prints, framed,
various dimensions. Edition of 3


What if the god Plutus of Greek mythology
was transformed into rain?
The “blind” son of Demeter, as Ploutus was satirized
by Aristophanes seems to share the splendor of nature
to everyone.

The Parisian rain, just like diamonds falling from the sky.

This photographic series could be a sarcastic comment
about the concept of wealth…

Perhaps the economy is first and foremost ecology?
These photos are an expression of the surreal imaginary.

Rain is transformed into a precious stone.

Some pictures of the series maybe refer to Romanticism
through a darker and emotionally charged atmosphere.

Paris 2012

*Plutus or Ploutοs, in ancient Greek  Πλοῦτος, is the god of wealth in the Greek mythology.

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