Still Life: Τhe Mystery of Things

Color photographs, Archival inkjet prints, framed,
various dimensions. Edition of 3.


The photographic series "Still Life: the Mystery of Things"
borrows its title from a phrase
of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa in his short story
O peregrinο (portuguese edition/ pilgrim, translation in english):

“…I used to feel the mystery of things,
which was coming to meet me through the shadow,
rising slowly on my back like a muffled tide on the other side of the sea”.

In the same way, I was attracted by the objects of the series
through their enigmatic face to their placement in the world.
So the object was and was not at the same time
what it was meant to be called.
A continuous transformation
and a game of associations and hidden meanings was unfolding.
Still life became alive somehow revealing an animistic perspective
and an allegorical narrative, a magical realism.

Αthens-Paris 2013

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