Locus animae , 2009

Color photographs, Archival inject print, mounted on aluminium,
20X30 cm. Edition of 7.


This is about the photos that were created on one of my trips to Greece during my years of living in Paris. The title is inspired by a practical medicine that was once applied in the areas of Olympus. When someone felt his balance disturbed of some kind of stress and his body reacted with stomach problems, anorexia, and vertigo, then the therapist lay the patient on a bed and made some movements using her hands around the navel, some kind of massage. At the same time she uttered some words that were funny, but they sounded like a little spell. However, they ended with an invocation to the soul: “Come soul to your place.” ( in greek : ela psychí ston tópo sou).

The navel is the central point of the body. The umbilical cord also cuts off the child from the mother. The loss of balance therefore seems to be associated with moving away from our center, from what feeds us, gives us life. Just like having the soul leaving away from its place. These photos express metaphorically soul places which may be a memory, an image, a melody, and everything valuable someone can keep inside oneself.

(« Locus animae » = « place of soul » in latin)